Hi! We're Batch Cooking Club.

Our mission is to not only simplify meal time, but also make it more fun! Our weekly membership does the thinking and planning for you—so you can sit down to a home-cooked meal with your family more often.

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What's for dinner?

We turn those three dreaded words into a batch load of fun with a simple plan and delicious, plant-based recipes that makes meal prep and mealtime easier!


The life-changing magic of batch cooking

Your meal plan should work for you—not create MORE work. Not every meal can be batch cooked and you don’t need to cook all your food for the week ahead of time. That’s where we come in!

Our unique weekly meal prep process takes just about 90 minutes. Reduce your overall time in the kitchen each week with our easy step-by-step system that gives you 5 recipes to batch cook on the weekend. Transform those ready-to-go soups, sauces, dressings, vegetables and plant proteins into 3 quick and easy meals later in the week—whenever you need the most meal prep help.


Batch cooking

Our Founder

Stephanie Dreyer is a plant-based meal planning expert. Her recipes and meal planning advice have been featured in several publications and online media outlets, including VegNews magazine and VegNews.com, Chickpea magazine, MensHealth.com, Parade and Thrive Global.

“I’ve seen so many prep plans and systems that create food waste and more work. With Batch Cooking Club, I wanted to create an actionable plan that was easy to follow, delicious for the whole family and sustainable every week. I’m thrilled to be able to deliver all of the above with our membership.”

Stephanie Dreyer

Start living more deliciously!