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5 Easy Vegan Grill Ideas for Dinner

dinner main meals meal ideas non vegan family recipes Jun 17, 2022
Platter of grilled vegan sausages, bell peppers and fries

Vegan grilling is here! You don't need animal steaks and meat burgers to enjoy this summer pastime. I use my grill all summer long to feed me and my non vegan family. It's one of my favorite ways to cook dinner June through August because I don't have to turn the oven on...and I can get my husband to help more with dinner prep!


As a vegan in a non vegan family, it's also an easy way to cook for everyone. You can cook the vegan foods first and then add your animal products and / or use the top rack for the tofu and veggies and the bottom for the meats so nothing touches. There's just something about outdoor cooking and meals that feels like less work, which makes dinner even more delicious. Below are a few of my favorite vegan grill dinner ideas to enjoy all summer.


1. Grilled Salads

A pile of fresh greens, chopped grilled vegetables and savory tofu or tempeh that's been marinated and cooked to perfection is my idea of a fresh and easy al fresco meal. Top it with a homemade oil-free dressing that you batch cook on the weekend and you've got a recipe for summer dinner success. Some of my favorites in the Batch Cooking Club Member Library are our Chimichurri Steak Salad and Fajita Cobb Salad. Not a member? Get the recipes for just $1 here.



2. Grilled Snack Board

In addition to the grill, my other favorite summer meal idea is a snack board! Whether it's to graze by the pool or jacuzzi, or snack on while playing a board game or watching a movie, it's an effortless way to prepare and serve dinner. Grill up some artichokes and other veggies to pair with dips that are store-bought or have been prepped ahead. For more a of theme board, grill some vegan sausages and pair with pretzels, a variety of mustards and cornichons.



3. Burger Bar

If we're grilling, then of course, I've got to include burgers on the list. With a mix of vegans and non vegans in the family, a burger bar is the way to go. Flip a couple of bun filler options on the the grill and set out a platter piled high with toppings and fries for all to share. Need some suggestions for your plant-powered burger options? Try our Buffalo Chickpea Burgers or Falafel Burgers. 




4. Grilled Pizza

If you've never enjoyed pizza on the grill, this is the time to do it! Personal pizzas are easy and fun to make - plus it's the perfect meal to ensure everyone gets what they want how they want it. Grilling the dough gives the pizza a flavor and texture you don't get in the oven. I roll out individual pies and then set out a variety of sauces and toppings buffet style on the counter. Try our Lemony Arugula Pesto or Quick & Easy Marinara as spread options. Everyone makes their pizza and my husband takes turns sliding them on and off the grill.



5. Mixed Grill

Anything goes with mixed grill. Vegetable or tofu steak? Check? Baked potatoes? Check? Romaine hearts? Check! You can have it all when it comes to a mixed grill dinner menu - meaning there is something for everyone (even the non vegans). When I do a mixed grill, I like to make one marinade for everything. (Try our Quick Teriyaki Sauce or Easy Homemade BBQ Sauce.) Then, I round it out with 2 sides that everyone can eat. That usually looks like a leafy green salad with juicy sliced stone fruit (and different cheeses on the side) and some kind of potato or rice dish. However you decide to mix it up, it's always delicious.


Cheers to summer and hooray for easy weeknight grill dinners!






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