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Easy Dinners to Spring Clean Your Kitchen

dinner main meals recipes resources salads soups and stews Mar 18, 2022
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The first day of Spring is on Sunday and you know what means - it's time for some Spring cleaning. Don't forget the kitchen! It's the perfect time to clear out pantry, fridge and freezer...and while you're at it - make some easy meals for your family.


Separate from actually tossing out expired bottles and jars and wiping down your shelves (which I highly recommend you do at least once a year), the start of Spring is a great opportunity to survey your kitchen and use up the half used boxes of pasta and the stockpile of canned goods in your pantry. You may also have a surplus of batch cooked sauces and fillings in your freezer that you've forgotten about. On a weekly basis, I put the practice of Spring cleaning into effect by pulling out all the produce that needs to be used up and incorporating it into meals at the end of the week before it spoils.


Check out this list of easy dinners to use up what's in your fridge, freezer and pantry to Spring clean your kitchen.




Our Spring Minestrone uses the season's fresh produce to add lots of fresh flavors and green veggies to this classic soup, but you can use up whatever is hanging out and taking space in your fridge. In general, soup is an easy weeknight meal for using up produce before it turns. Just toss it all in a pot with some broth, seasonings and whatever beans are lurking on your shelves!




Our Mediterranean Pasta Salad combines leafy greens and pasta - a dual chance to use up the extra greens in your fridge AND half used boxes of whatever pasta is begging to be used up.  


Our Vegan Italian Antipasto Salad is an opportunity to clear out the extra cold cuts in your fridge and use up the jars and cans of pickled and marinated olives, veggies and cans of beans in the pantry.




Use up the bags of frozen squash in your freezer and half containers of rice (or other grains) in your pantry to make our Butternut Squash & Wild Rice Stew. Add or sub whatever frozen vegetable needs to go and whatever grain you need to clear off the shelves.


Our 3-Bean Chili is the perfect choice for throwing whatever rogue beans or legumes you've got hanging around. 



Snack Boards

When you've got a few odds and ends of this and that, and you don't know what to do with it, a snack board is always the answer! You can make a meal out of anything when it's displayed on a board. Pick a few things in common to create a thematic display or just put it all out there for a the quintessential smorgasbord.


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