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Meal Plan|| April 27, 2022

meal ideas meal planning meal plans meal prep Apr 25, 2022
Meal Plan|| April 27, 2022

What's for dinner? So glad you asked because I've got a new menu to inspire you for the week. This post gives you a sneak peek at next week's menu and meal plan to add more plant-based meals to your family’s menu while still caring for the non-plant based members in your family.


Did someone say Lentil Sloppy Joe's? I sure did! I try to include at least one handheld meal in the dinner rotation each week because the kids love them...and this week, I've included two! Say hello to Pesto Tomato & Mushroom Flatbreads. I've also include a one-skillet meal that and a comforting pasta soup that gets a taste of Spring with pesto as its super ingredient. 


Cook ONE meal for the whole family with our weekly plant-based meals with non vegan alternatives to feed everyone with the same meal. Get a peek at the recipes and prep plan below before they drop in our membership library on Wednesday. Not a member? Try us for just $1.



Plan Preview

Our members receive a new meal plan every Wednesday morning so they have time before the weekend to finalize what else they're cooking for the week, grocery shop, and meal prep by Sunday. 


Here's a peek at next week's menu:


BBQ Lentil Sloppy Joes

Lemony Tortellini Pesto Soup

Pesto Tomato & Mushroom Flatbreads

Skillet Chipotle Enchilada Bake


Our plant-based recipes are easily adaptable for everyone and curated with just that in mind. With our done-for-you meal and prep plans, we aim to take the thinking out of dinner. Whether you're a member or not, you can use our plan preview as inspiration for what to cook. Use our free planner to get started on next week's meal plan today!


As a vegan mama in a non-vegan family, the meals in our weekly meal plans are always plant-centric so that plant-based foods are in the center of the dinner plate while still having options for non-vegans. Make one meal that gives each family member the power of choice while exposing your family to plant-based foods.


Making it Happen 

In addition to this done-for-you dinner plan, we also include a done-for-you prep plan so you don’t have to start from scratch with cooking every night. Prep for success in less than 2 hours once a week. If you're following our plan, here's what you can look forward to batch cooking on the weekend:


Cauliflower Cheez Sauce: You don't need dairy for a creamy, flavorful sauce that has all the feels of melted cheese. We're spreading this sauce in our enchilada skillet bake for an easy one pot weeknight meal. The recipe makes more than enough for the meal and more so you can freeze the extras for another day.


Lemony Arugula Pesto: Hands down, this is one of our members' favorite recipes. It's so versatile that we've used it in a variety of ways in our Recipe Library. This week, it makes it way into a pasta soup AND also spread onto savory flatbreads.


Lemony Tortellini Pesto Soup: A pasta soup is one of my favorite weeknight meals and is even easier when you prep it on the weekend. I love using Kite Hill's tortellini for this recipe. 


Lentil Sloppy Joe Filling: Plant-based Sloppy Joe's are packed with protein with this lentil filling that's the perfect combination of sweet and savory. Any extras are also delicious spooned into baked potatoes.


All of the recipes drop Wednesday morning. Not a member? Try us for just $1 here.


Wishing you a delicious week!




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