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10 Snack Boards You Can Serve Your Family For Dinner

dinner meal ideas resources Oct 21, 2021
Snack Board Meal Ideas

Want to know my secret for an instant dinner winner? Serve snacks! My family LOVES when I serve a snack board for dinner and I love how easy it is to pull together. (If I do it right, I don't even need to cook!).


When plotting out my meal plan for the week, a snack board meal is what I'll slate for the night if I want to give myself a "night off" but still serve something homemade. A snack board is perfect for a lazy Sunday night meal when the family is hanging out together or watching a movie and we just want to graze throughout the night.


Snack board meals are versatile, easily customized for vegans in non vegan families, and SO MUCH fun! Check out my tips for serving snack boards for dinner below. I've also included a free download for 10 snack board meal ideas .



What is a snack board meal?


A snack board meal is just what it sounds like: You load up a platter with a variety of snacks and let the family go to town piling up their plates. It can include a mix of cooked and raw food, as well as dips and spreads.


Snack board meals have no limits! The fun is in the creativity and don't limit yourself to just cheese and crackers. Think cut up vegetables, appetizer-style foods, mini portions of main dish faves and more. If you've got a mix of vegans and non vegans like me, this meal idea easily allows you to please everyone with a little something for everyone.


To assemble your snack board, start with a large platter and add smaller bowls and containers inside to hold a variety of snacks and foods. "Shop" your pantry and cupboards and you'll be surprised at what you already have in house to lay out your board. 


Once you have your snack layout complete, start filling it in with your vegetables, spreads and proteins. Set it out with plates and napkins and let you family make their own plate. 


You can graze on this meal throughout the night while you're doing an activity (e.g. playing a board game or watching a Dodgers game) or place it in the middle of the table for a traditional sit-down meal. There are no rules to snack board meals!


Tips for Snack Boards


  • Start with a theme

This is my "secret" to creating a snack board meal that wins every time with the family! Brainstorm a list of your family's favorite foods and restaurants. What commonalities or themes do you see? Do you have a bunch of burger lovers? What about a slider and fries snack board? Does your family live for Taco Tuesday? Create a taco inspired snack board with taquitos and all the fixings. 


Ethnic cuisines are a great place to start when thinking about what to place on your snack board. My family loves Italian and Mexican food, for example, so I use those cuisines to inspire many of my boards. (Ravioli and gnocchi with dipping sauces make great bases for snack board meals.)


  • Take some help from the store

While you could certainly make everything from scratch, I love to take some help from the store with snack board meals. Store-bought sauces, dips and spreads go a long way in these dinners. You can also use prepared salads, condiments and proteins on your platters and supplement it with fresh cut vegetables. 


  • Don't limit yourself to traditional snack foods

Most of us think of cheese, crackers, nuts, veggies and dips when it comes to a snack board, but there is a world of possibilities when it comes to snack board meals. Finger foods are the perfect start for a snack board. (Finger sandwiches, vegan pigs in a blanket and skewers are just a few ideas to get you started.)


Appetizer foods are also a great base for snack board meals. What are your favorite hors d'oeuvres at parties? Swedish "meatballs", spanakopita and sushi rolls are just a few traditional foods passed on trays at events that you can turn into a snack board meal.



Snack Board Meal Ideas

Anything goes when it comes to sheet pan meals. Get creative and experiment with different flavor combinations and cuisines.


Some of my go-to snack board meals include:

  • Mediterranean: Grape leaves, falafel, tabbouleh, pita or pita chips, hummus, baba ganoush, olives, chickpea salad, tahini sauce, sliced cucumbers, vegan feta and tzatziki 


  • Tapas: Taquitos or empanadas, chips, salsa, guacamole, cucumbers and jicama sticks with lime juice and chile lime salt, pico de gallo


  • Deli: Rolled up vegan meat and cheese slices, sliced baguette, pickled vegetables, root vegetable chips, fresh fruit


Want more snack board meal ideas? Check out our free download here.


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