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Try us for $1

Get support from the experts who've been in the trenches with our themed classes that focus on getting more plants into your school aged children!


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Are you over irritated with nagging your kids to eat their vegetables?

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Are you fed up with figuring out what to cook?


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Are you tired of wasting food and arguing at dinner?

Help is here!

I want in!


Do you crave less stressful meal times?


Do you need tools to help your kids eat their veggies?


Do you want support from people who have experienced the same issues?


The Plant-based Parents Masterclass Series

is for you!


Batch Cooking Club founder, Stephanie Dreyer, and plant-based expert, Sophia DeSantis, share ALL their tips, tricks and tools to make plant-based eating more manageable for parents!

These classes are here to give you tools that will help you get more plants into your children without the overwhelm.

It's an open space to learn information from people that have been there and ask questions for individualized support.

Learn to teach your school-age kids how to eat wholesome foods they actually like.


Here's what's included:


Pre-Recorded Trainings

(3) 30-minute recordings of live classes with 2 plant-based experts





30 minutes of Q&A at the end of each class with frequently asked questions

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Online Access

Email unanswered questions and access the classes at any time

Ready to make plants easier?

Get the Masterclass series!

Have questions? We've got answers!

Are you ready to make feeding your family plant-based foods something you enjoy vs dread?


For only $40, you get:


(3) 30-minute recorded classes with two plant-based experts:

Picky Eaters

Meal Hacks

Eating Outside the Home

Get the Masterclass series

Hello, hello!


I’m Stephanie, the founder of Batch Cooking Club and a meal planning expert that specializes in plant-based eating and feeding families with mixed dietary needs. 


I believe feeding your family should be joyful, not stressful. I help busy parents stress less and connect more by making dinner easier with my weekly menus, done-for-you prep plans and easy recipes.


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Hey friends!


I’m Sophia, the fun loving mom behind Veggies Don’t Bite! As a client-centered health coach, meal systems expert and plant-based recipe creator, I focus on helping people feel empowered instead of overwhelmed when it comes to overall health and wellness. I teach that small habits can lead to big changes.


Through Veggies Don’t Bite and my popular podcast, Real Food Real Conversations, I strive to help people find what works for their personal health and wellness!

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